After MECM CB 2002 upgrade Operating System Deployment via PXE is extremely slow or failing when resolving task sequence dependencies and other related OSD tasks.

Issue after Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager CB 2002 Upgrade .
faced Imaging and PXE slowness Issue after CB 2002 upgrade:

This might be happening on multi site environment, where CAS and multiple primaries are involved.

Why it happened:

After MECM CB1906 to CM2002 upgrade, we experienced this issue

It is not confirmed yet, this might be a potential known issue with some change into a SQL stored procedure in Configuration Manager 2002.

Troubleshooting and investigation:

Used below mentioned query to check elapsed times on one of the primary site server databases where OS deployment was currently being performed.

SELECT T.*, E.text, p.query_plan

FROM sys.dm_tran_active_snapshot_database_transactions T

JOIN sys.dm_exec_requests R ON T.Session_ID = R.Session_ID

INNER JOIN sys.sysprocesses S on S.spid = T.Session_ID

OUTER APPLY sys.dm_exec_query_plan(R.plan_handle) AS P

OUTER APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(R.sql_handle) AS E

ORDER BY elapsed_time_seconds DESC;

And blow is the query result:

SCCM 2002 Upgrade

We can see that the stored procedure sp_GetPublicKeyForSMSID is being returned but currently its elapsed time is not much high. Just for testing, we did work around on 1 primary site that was currently experiencing slowness while PXE boot and Imaging.

Look for Stored Procedure in SQL server management Studio and right click and Modify,

Search below syntax:

WHERE  m.GUID = @SMSID OR m.GUID in (select TOP 1 SMS_Unique_Identifier0 from ProvisioningSystem_DISC)

Added ‘--‘ to the stored procedure noted below.

--OR m.GUID in (select TOP 1 SMS_Unique_Identifier0 from ProvisioningSystem_Disc)

After updating stored procedure, tried to image couple of machines simultaneously and it worked faster and it was as normal before. The imaging and PXE slowness and task sequence dependency issue got fixed. It is now faster and normal as before.

Note: modifying or updating stored procedure can cause sever problem to sccm database. if you want to, try this before in test or lab environment.

Thank you for reading..!!!