CB1706 Upgrade: Secondary Site Failed to Upgrade:


One of the secondary site upgrade was failed at installing and updating SQL server management Object while upgrade.

  1. Secondary site upgrade was failed due to The SQL server management Object was failed to install
  2. While checking SQL and its components I found that some of it components are corrupt
  3. When trying to uninstall and repair it was asking existing source files so that it can be repaired or reinstalled

Action Taken:

  1. Tried to repair and reinstall corrupt components using the CB1706 extract which was copied to secondary site during upgrade
  2. Used same command line shown in screenshot below and executed manually without "quiet" switch to see error and it prompted dialog box asking for old source files to reinstall as it was corrupt or not able to locate default.
  3. have manually located source for new files which was copied during site upgrade and it got installed successfully
  4. Re-initiated Sec site upgrade from sccm console and this time upgrade completed successfully