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Protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities

Patches in SCCM console shows as “Not Required” for Jan 3 out of band patches. KB4056897, KB4056898 and KB4056890 KBs for server operating systems “Allow Regkey” to be created on all OS platform where update is required. Provided in below links: 1. Create package to allow registry entry on server – No reboot required for…

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Sync Failed: WSUS Server not configured

Error message: Sync Failed: WSUS Server not configured SCCM Software Update Point (SUP) failed to sync from it parent site. shows error messages as per below log files. Log file Name: wsyncmgr.log Log File Name: wsusctrl.log Also the following error message shows in Server Manager if you select WSUS: The WSUS administration console has encountered…

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SCCM – Issues with Patch Deployment and Errors

In this post, the below table provides error messages and their possible solutions. Last Error Code as per SCCM Report, Possible Solution, and Error in WUAHandler.log/WindowsUpdate.log File. These errors are usually occurs during patching workstations/servers. most of them are common errors and can be remediated easily.

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